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 "To ask an individual with already limited receptive and expressive skills to sit in front of a room full of people who will be judging his credibility by his words, demeanor, and ability to hold up under an arcane questioning form seems cruelly farcical."  From 'He Got In My Face So I Shot Him' paper by Prof. Michele LaVigne (Click on the link below for the full article).

The success of civil or criminal court hearings depends on judges, magistrates, lawyers and solicitors being able to hear and understand what the defendant, claimant or witness wishes to communicate. However, many people coming into the courts exhibit poor verbal communication skills. This can range from an inability to form words clearly through to an inability to express themselves at all.

The Box will give you the tools to obtain the best outcomes when working with people with communication issues. You will be better equipped to gather information from them, explain the proceedings to them, reduce occurrences of ill-advised challenges and self-defeating behaviour. You will be able to build their confidence and improve their communication in court.

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